• 40+Countries where we delivered projects
  • 2,000+Holes drilled
  • 2,000,000+Metres of HDD pipework
Who we are

Renowned drilling

Thanks to decades of experience in thousands of projects around the world, HDI Lucas, a subsidiary of Spiecapag and sister company of HDI, France, is a key player in the field of horizontal directional drilling. HDI Lucas was formed in 2018 following Spiecapag’s Acquisition of Lucas Engineering and Construction – the leading HDD contractor in the Australian market.

HDI Lucas draws on the resources and experience of Lucas but additionally has the resources of our sister company, HDI, to call on. HDI is an internationally recognised HDD contractor, headquartered in France, and with divisions in Brazil, Mexico and now Australia.

Our reputation is built on our continuously evolving engineering and our ability to adapt to any kind of project. The skills of our teams and the reliability of our equipment allow us to redefine the limits for pipeline installation beneath natural or artificial obstacles, whilst respecting the environment.



Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

A high focus on safety and environmental performance means that our workers go home safe at the end of every day. This culture supports reliable project delivery, and is key to meeting our promises to clients and staff.

Our quality and safety systems have been proven time and time again as we tackle some of the most challenging horizontal drilling projects in the region, and those systems are regularly reviewed to ensure we learn and stay ahead of the curve.

Plant and equipment

A comprehensive suite of plant & equipment

HDI’s drilling rigs offer a pulling capacity ranging between 35 and 400 tons. They allow for the installation of small size pipelines over short distances as well as large diameter pipelines (up to DN 1400) over very long distances.

Rigs are trailer or crawler mounted and consist of a central beam rack with a carriage moved by pinions powered by hydraulic motors. Hydraulic rotary motors located on the carriage provide the necessary rotary force.

Each drilling rig has its own control cabin, steering kit, high pressure pump and other ancillary equipment, forming a complete and autonomous drilling spread. The HD 650 and HD 350 models are designed and manufactured in-house.